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Dress: Double breasted for Sample

While single breasted suits rule in the departments stores. Nothing compares to the glamour of the double breasted suit - they epitomise pure gentleman's style. If there are six or more buttons on the jacket you can trace its origin back to a military uniform. The more buttons on the jacket the higher the rank of the wearer and the more authoritarian and powerful the look .

Double-breasted refers to a coat or jacket that has wide, overlapping front flaps and two, columns of buttons. On most double-breasted coats, one column of buttons is decorative and the other is functional. The buttons placed on the outside edge of the coat breast, are either decorative or functional, allowing the overlap to fasten right lapel over left lapel. To strengthen the fastening, a functional inner-button, called the jigger, is usually added.

Each jacket or blazer typically has one to four rows of buttons (each row containing two buttons). Each fastening method is identified using “number-on-number” terminology; the first number is the total number of front buttons, the second is the number of fastening buttons below the lapels e.g., Six-on-two, six-on-one.

As a casual jacket, double breasted styles are great to offer warmth and protect against the elements.

Dress: Double breasted

Suits are available in single or double-breasted versions. Each style can have numerous button arrangements causing the jacket to open high or low.

To understand the terminology of double-breasted suits the numbers relate to the operating versus decorative buttons. The first number refers to how many visible buttons are on the jacket and the second number refers to the working or active buttons. The 6:2 style of the double-breasted suit is the most timeless. Ensure that your double-breasted jacket has an anchoring button inside the jacket to keep the shape of the jacket when wearing it.

Like the single breasted jacket, the bottom button on the double-breasted jacket should remain open.

Double-breasted suits are the strong men in the power stakes. A man in a dark, well-fitted double-breasted suit is made to feel strong by his very reflection. His appearance commands attention and respect from those he encounters, making this suit perfect for corporate high flyers, and those who work in finance or law. Double-breasted suits should not be left unbuttoned when standing. Unbutton the suit when seated and re-button immediately on standing. If you think you'll be bothered by the extra work, then this suit is not for you.

A common myth is that double-breasted suits should not be worn by men who are overweight or short of stature. This is incorrect, a double-breasted suit can look great on any man provided it fits well, the jacket length is perfectly balanced with his vertical proportions, the jacket has a flattering button combination, the fabric is non-bulky and, if a pattern is present it is subtle.


A suit is a uniform;
when it is of good quality and well fitted
it signals confidence and power both in business and social situations