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The earliest documented usage of the term "blazer" was to describe the red summer jackets of the oarsmen of the Lady Margaret Boat Club in Cambridge. They were said to look ablaze and began a tradition which today is seen in single-breasted blazers at Henley Regatta. The most common colour for a double-breasted blazer is navy blue. Single-breasted styles come in a variety of colours, textures and fabrics including leather. Classification: Business Casual, Casual.

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Sport jackets (also called sports coats) are tailored jackets, similar in cut to a suit jacket, but less restrictive. They were originally of a sturdy fabric and worn for outdoor sports such as hunting. Sports jackets were rarely worn by anyone other than Royalty before World War I. It was only after the war that it became fashionable for ‘swells’ to wear a dark blue jacket (borrowed from their suit) with white flannel trousers at fashionable summer resorts. From there the trend grew and by 1924 all the best dressed men were wearing blazers. Today sports jackets come in many varieties. True to its English country origins, the sports jacket has traditionally been of heavier wool fabric with casual pockets (patch, hacking), leather buttons, patches on the elbows and with other details making it distinctive from a suit jacket. Lighter materials for sports jackets have been adopted in other parts of the world. Leather and suede are also fabrics for sports jackets. Sports jackets can be single or double-breasted, bolder in pattern, with details a suit jacket doesn’t have and, of course, doesn’t match the trousers. Wear all jackets in accordance with your best lengths – see Casual Coat Lengths.

Casual: Styles

Men's casual jackets come in a variety of styles. Each style has a set of unique features that makes it stand out from other jackets. Where you plan on wearing the jacket, as well as your sense of style, will help narrow down those you like best.

Every man should have a good casual summer and winter jacket in his wardrobe for wearing out at night to dinner. He should also have a good overcoat and a comfortable casual jacket to wear over his jeans or trousers on the weekend.

If you are unsure, from your selection which jacket will be best for your wardrobe. Ask your Image Consultant for help. If you do not have an Image consultant search our database for one near you.

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