Sample Results


The same or variations of one colour worn on the upper and lower body. Classification: Business, Business Casual, Casual.

Single Colour: Flow for Sample

How you place garments of your body according to their value (degree of lightness or darkenss) will have a significant impact on your apparent weight and height. Monochromatic dressing is the best way to increase apparent height; if this colour is also medium-dark to dark you will also be seen to be slimmer than you are. Wearing garments that cause a single colour to run up the outside of your body also allows the ryr to travel upwards in an uninterrupted line. Outfits that have a singlr colour running up the inside of your outfit is also slimming. If you carry excess weight a light coloured open jacket should not be added as this will cause the area to appear larger and expand outwards.

Single Colour: Flow

Colour is great for creating illusion. These tips can completely change the way you appear and can really have you standing out amongst your contemporaries.

An outfit of a single colour can make you appear taller while a matching jacket and pants, can also make you appear slimmer, matching top and bottom, with a different colour jacket, can make you look taller and slimmer. 

Remember, if you have questions, contact your consultant who will be more than happy to help you navigate your style and your wardrobe to make you look amazing.