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The same or variations of one colour worn on the upper and lower body. Classification: Business, Business Casual, Casual.

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Personal Overview

Single Colour: Flow for name

How you place garments of your body according to their value (degree of lightness or darkenss) will have a significant impact on your apparent weight and height. Monochromatic dressing is the best way to increase apparent height; if this colour is also medium-dark to dark you will also be seen to be slimmer than you are. Wearing garments that cause a single colour to run up the outside of your body also allows the ryr to travel upwards in an uninterrupted line. Outfits that have a singlr colour running up the inside of your outfit is also slimming. If you carry excess weight a light coloured open jacket should not be added as this will cause the area to appear larger and expand outwards.


General Overview

Single Colour: Flow

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